Our mission: To help children love the child in the mirror

A RAKster is one who performs random acts of kindness; one who seizes an opportunity to help someone, whether by deed, kind words, or even a smile.

A PAKster is one who plans an act of kindness. Planning an act of kindness is paramount to community service.

The Wizards of Wee Ville depict the ability of children to accept, and include, others who are different.

These  books show ways for children to transition from being “me-centered” to “others-centered.”

Practicing random acts of kindness instills personal values and creates a feeling of love and satisfaction within and for the Self. What better anti-bullying measures than the expression of kindness?

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Feathered Quill Book Review says about Roland Faissett and The Wizards of Wee Ville:

a touching story that is perfect to share both with youngsters who are faced with medical challenges as well as their friends who may not understand what is happening. The story doesn’t focus on Roland’s chemo or other challenges, but rather on how the other students react and help their new friend. It shows, in a heartwarming way, the positive reactions children can have to somebody who is different and how, with love and caring, they can help that child overcome his/her challenges.

Feathered Quill Book Reviews says about Roscoe Is a RAKster:

a delightful book full of positive messages about helping others, and the wonderful rewards (hugs, smiles, thanks) that you get from all the RAKs.


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